H4 VISA Drop Box: More than 3 weeks

Hi Anil,

You save me last time around 2.5 years when you asked me to check my SPAM folder as my VISA was getting delayed. When I checked I found email from consulate asking for dropping new photo.

This time, I dropped my wife’s and kids passport for VISA stamping and it’s been already 3 weeks. I am wondering if this is common these days that it’s taking more days.

Below is the timeline and additional information:

May 24: Dropped documents
June 3: Case created
No further update after that.

Do you see this is quite common or should I worry about anything. I checked my SPAM but didn’t find anything from consulate though.


4 weeks is normal currently.

Thanks Anil. Currently the case has moved to Administrative Processing on June 17th. Hoping they will get to it sooner.

Hi Anil,

Got the visa issued exactly after 4 weeks. One question about picking the passport. Can I pick the passport within 1 week?



I am in the same situation. I applied for H4 from canada.
Dropped docs: may 26th
Case created: june 13th
Administrative processing : june 27th
I have read online it will take around 60 days for administrative processing. Is it true? Since it already has been a month that I applied for H4. I am struck in canada since my passport is not with me. Do let me know if you have any idea about the processing times.

Don’t go to look out for other cases rather try to find if it helps in any situation. There is always discouraging situations around us.

After admin processing, it took around 2-3 days to issue the visa and 2 days later passport available for pickup. I don’t see anything different at your end but worth checking with experienced folks in this community like Anil and others.