H4 visa given 221g white slip, re- interview, now passport requested with 221g form via Drop box

Hi Anil,
My name is Ram, working in Germany. I’m married (recently) and my wife is an H1B holder working in California.

I appeared for H4 visa interview on 14th march in US consulate, Hyderabad. However, they returned my passport with 221(g) form and after 1 week I got a call from US embassy and asked to appear again on April 1st.

The interview was more than 1 hour, asked so many questions about my marriage, photos also some personal questions.
She gave my passport back again, because she know I’m going back to Germany next day.

After 10 days I received an email with subject ‘Passport requested’.
In email they requested my passport submission with 221g form through VAC or VFS offices in HYD for further processing ( didn’t mentioned about approval).

I’m in Germany now. I have to submit (drop box) my passport in VAC / VFS office in Hyderabad. My questions are:

  1. Do they need my passport for stamping ?
  2. How long it will take for processing after submission?

would be great, if anyone give me suggestions on this case.


The chances are high that your H4 visa has been approved as your passport has been requested.

Normally, passport is only requested as they want to stamp US visa.

You should plan for at-least 15 days time to get passport back from US embassy.