H4 visa interview query

My current h1b is valid till august 2023 . I have my wife’s h4 visa interview scheduled on Aug 5th fresh stamping ,I got new job opportunity and that being said if i resign, my current employer will revoke my current h1b and it will impact my wife’s h4 visa interview at India location is this statement correct?

Please suggest what steps need to be taken in this case providing my wife cant wait any longer considering the situation is getting bad in india during covid and after multiple cancelation of interviews".

Questions:Can my wife give a visa interview considering h1 b transfer is in process with assumption current employer may revoked the h1b will there be a problem if she appears for interview

You should not resign until your transfer is approved and should only join the new job after the approval. Assuming your transfer using PP is approved before your wife’s interview, you can provide her with copy of your new I797 for her visa interview.

If the interview happens while the transfer is under process, you will still be working at your current employer and the copy of your current I797 she will present to VO will be valid.

Time the above correctly so as to not mess up the visa appointment.

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So we cant go for h4 visa interview if h1b transfer is pending and chances to get 221g is more?
But why my h1b transfer is going to impact my wife’s visa interview as long as i m maintaining h1b status my wife should seek visa correct?

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