H4EAD expected approval time


My H4 EAD receipt data Dec7th 2018 California center.
Please let me know when I can expect the EAD card to come.
My job is at risk.

As per my estimate, you can expect your H4EAd approval by April 2019 end from California service center.

Thanks Anil.
Does USCIS Case Status page shows whether the case is approved or not.
also after approval how long it takes to receive the card in hand?

USCIS case status page will show the status as “New card is Being Produced”:

You can expect to receive the H4 EAD within 4-15 days after you see this status.

I am currently working on H4 EAD and I have applied for my EAD extention. My case status at California service center shows, ''my name was updated on March 15, 2019". But there is no update after that. How much time will it take for the EAD to get approved?

Hi @sayali
Name was updated USCIS status does not mean anything.

Hi Anil,

But my EAD is getting expired on Aug’19 and the current processing times show 5-6 months. so I wont be able to work after that. Is there a process to contact USCIS in this case. I had applied for my renewal 180 days before expiry of my card.

As per my estimate, you should be able to get the EAD approval before Aug 2019.

If you want to still contact USCIS, you can file the EAD expedite request.

Thanks Anil!
I can only pray to get it before August-19.

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Hi Anil,

Thanks for all the helpful information.
My H4EAD receipt date is Feb4 2019 at Vermont Center. When do you think i may receive it. Can it take more than 5 months as well?


Hi @surbhi

As per my estimates, your H4 EAD should can be approved anytime now. You are very close to cases that are being approved now.

Do share the result once you have got it.

Hi Anil,

As mentioned above my EAD case receipt date is March 15, 2019 at California Service Center.

What do you think is the predicted timeline for my case to get approved?


Hi @sayali

Haven’t I already answered your question above?

Hi Anil,

You said before Aug’19 because my EAD is getting expired in August. I noticed based on the receipt date and USCIS centers you are predicting the timeline for rest of the others questions. Anyway, Thanks!


I filed new application for H4 COS and H4 EAD together, receipt date is Mar 8th 2019, when can I expect an approval on both H4 and H4 EAD?

Hi @utadamai

You have not mentioned your USCIS service center.

Thanks for your fast reply, it’s WAC.

Hi @utadamai
You can expect your H4 COS approval by June 2019 end.
Chances are good that H4EAD will be approved along with H4 or within a week.

Thanks a lot, looking forward to that.

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We sent our file Nebraska I 539 and I 765 on April 15, 2019… Can you let me know if it will be approved before July 1st, 2019…