H4EAD expected approval time


You can either raise an EAD expedite request or keep raising SRs every 2-3 days. That’s the only way.


I checked the USCIS website last night and got this message for my H4 and H4 EAD application. It means it got approved, right?

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@Anil.Gupta We applied for H4 extension and H4 EAD at same time…both are waiting for approval from May 23rd…can we submit expertise request for H4 EAD even when H4 is pending? Can you please confirm…will submit ER request for H4 EAD will make H4 get approved also or not.

Hi @rar8189
You can submit the expedite request for H4 EAD but chances of its approval are just 1%.

Usually, if the request is approved, both H4 and H4 EAD are approved at same time.

Thanks Anil for your response

@Anil.Gupta Can you please help in answering these details. We reached out to our senator office for pending H4 & H4 EAD application and received these

I realize this is a matter of concern to you. I will begin work on your case by contacting the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Please allow 30 days for a response in this matter.

  1. Does that mean senator accepted our request and will send ER to USCIS or they will check internally to make decision to even contact USCIS?
  2. Can I contact USCIS and raise ER parallel from senator office? Are we allowed to have two ER requests for one I765 at any given time?

Hi @rar8189

This simply means that senator office will work on your case and may contact USCIS within 30 days.

You can create a parallel expedite request with USCIS but I do not recommend it. The better option is to let the senator contact on your behalf as it has better chances of approval than your direct request.

@Anil.Gupta Thanks for your input. When USCIS receives ER…will it change case status to reflect it…anyway we will know senator office did reached out to USCIS.

Hi @rar8189

USCIS may or may not update status online for expedite request. Sometimes they do and other times not. It is not reliable.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta for your time and providing responses.

Its great help to us who are looking for guidance. Can we also submit ER via congress leader and senator at same time.

We reached to congress leader and senator at same time and got response from senator first so submitted documents to them…now also got response from congress leader.

So want to know if ER’s can be submitted from both offices at same time?

Hi @rar8189

You can submit as many expedite request as you want. My suggestion is to stick with one though.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I had applied H4 EAD for the first time. My case is in Vermont center. Its been 5 months and my case is outside normal processing time. But I am not able to raise a case inquiry request. I am getting the same response that my case is still under normal processing time.
Have you encountered such case before? What should be my course of action now?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Parnal_Munghate

This is normal. Don’t worry. You are not alone.
Many people get this message as the dates shown on USCIS online website do not match with their real dates on the SR website (which is kind of real date in their internal system).

USCIS updates these dates monthly and quite often move them back.

So, my suggestion is to wait for couple of days and retry raising the request again. Unfortunate, that’s the only way.

You will be able to raise SR once the date in their internal system passes your case receipt date.

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Hi Anil,
I’m updating my case to help others. I received my EAD card 2 days before (09/10/2019). Key dates below.

06/21/2019 - Applied H1, H4 and H4EAD in premium (Vermont)
06/24/2019 - Receipts received
06/26/2019 - H1B Approved
07/12/2019 - Fingerprinting completed
09/06/2019 - H4, H4 EAD approved
09/11/2019 - EAD Card received (almost 2 months after fingerprinting)

Good luck everyone.


Thank you for your prompt response @Anil.Gupta

hi, did you received your EAD? i applied on 17 th april and with the vermont center

Hi @Ranjushree

No, I am still waiting for EAD. But I was able to raise SR on 13th Sep end of the day. Just got the automated email and no new updated since then.

Hi @raghunath.nagepalli

Is your EAD processed ??? I am in the same boat.

Hi, I raised SR, so hopefully I may hear something soon. Same boat too, Good luck!! Let me know if you get to know.

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