Have you previously filed Form I-765 - Had applied H4 EAD but was denied

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
quick question in H4 ead i765 application (Initial permission of employment) section 2, q12 (Have you previously filed Form I-765?)

History: I-94(July 29, 2019) I applied h1 transfer in sep 2017 with new employer and started working on receipt notice, but it was ultimately denied. I also applied h4 ead with it which was also denied due to h1b denial. After that same employer applied H1 amendment + extension and h4 extension which is approved till 2021. Now I would like to apply h4 ead. Should I need to answer Yes in q12 in I765?

Hi @kpatel10

You should answer ‘yes’ as you have filed form i765 before.

Do I need to add h4 ead denial notice as well or is it ok to not to include?

Hi @kpatel10

Denial notice is not required.

Hi @Anil.Gupta
my question is little related here.

I applied for H4 COS and along with it EAD for the first time in May 2019. it is in processing status.
because of long delays happening I am trying to get H4 stamp at a near by consulate and apply EAD again.
Eventually I will submit withdrawal for my May’s petetions i539 and i765.

should I answer Yes to this Section2-Q12 ?
will it impact in any way by answering Yes/No here ?

Hi @venkat5121

You should answer ‘yes’.