Hi B - I-94 stamped in Passport and I-94 in I-797 approval notice

Looked for sometime in the forum for a Topic which is needed in my case. But couldn’t get it .

I changed from L Visa to H Visa in May 2019 , I got my i-797 Approval notice which was Valid till 12/31/2019. Later My Attorney Re appealed to USCIS , USCIS issued amended I-797 approval notice till 02/21/2022 with I-94 approval.
During my Visit to India during November 2019 and had Visa stamp which was Valid till 12/31/2019 ( as per I-797 approval notice- which received first). Upon entry at port of Entry i presented my Valid Visa stamp and amended I-797 approval notice with a valid period through 02/21/2022.
I-94 issued to me , however is valid only until 07/26/2020 which is is the expiration date of my passport.

i got my new passport, since my I-94 is valid through 07/26/2020 , which I-94 is valid , the one stamped at port of entry or the one has with I-797 Approval notice.

Thanks in Advance.

The i94 that you got most recently at your entry to US is considered valid.

You should get a new i94 using one of the three methods given here: