Highlight transactions in Bank Statements

Is it permissible to highlight the transactions in bank statement to match them with the payslip? Or are we not allowed to make any edits? My employer name is not shown on the bank statement. It only says salary [some reference number which is different every time].

Employer name is mandatory to prove relationship.

There is no hard and fast rule to highlight or not. I don’t think it should be an issue if you do. I haven’t heard of any negative result.

I can’t change the template of the bank statement. Would that work if I ask the employer to issue me a letter that says my salary was/is disbursed in that account?

Did you have positive assessment without company name in you bank statement? i am also facing same issue but i believe if the amount in the payslip matches with the bank statement credited amount then it should work. Please share you expeirence

I haven’t received my assessment result yet. I submitted my application on 28th August.

Your bank statement includes company name? What evidence docs u provided for proof of payment?

The bank statements do not include employer’s name.
I have provided pay slips and income tax returns provided by employer and bank statements from my bank. Got all documents signed and stamped from their respective sources.

How did you provide evidence of company registered with SECP or FBR as it is required for Pakistani companies…

Also if my first salary back in 2013 was not lie under the tax slab wat else can i do for bank statement since emplyer name is not here … also i dont have any insurance medical facilities there … please suggest on it i have only bank statement without employer name and pay slips.

I don’t want to misguide you on the statement issue. I will have to wait for my assessment result before I can comment on it any further.
Against requirement 7.5, I shared online verification pages from the below two links for all my employers.


Any update regarding your assessment. Did they accept the online verification pages which you provided using the above-mentioned links against requirement 7.5?

  1. Can we provide single evidence like the employer is registered with FBR or it is compulsory to provide two pieces of evidence (FBR & SECP)?


Yes, my assessment was successful.
Requirement 7.5 says you can provide both or either (and/or) - whichever is available. Hopefully, it will not cause an issue if you can only provide FBR registration evidence.

Okay…Great…Thanks for the response…Really appreciate that.