How can I get GC through my husbands i485 application which is pending for biometrics

I got married recently and I am india right now waiting for H4 visa. My husbands i485 fingerprinting is in First week of August 2021.

What are my chances of applying for Green card through him?

I have been stuck here due to restrictions and H4 visa is also pending right now… my passport is still with US consulate from the last 10 days. Not sure if I got the visa or not, it shows administrative processing.

To file I485 you need to be in the US. If your H4 is approved and you travel to the US before your husband’s I485 is approved, you can file your I485 once in the US.
If your husband’s I485 is approved meanwhile you are waiting in India, your husband will need to apply for your green card under family based category F2A which is current for India at this point in time.

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Thanks Kalpesh for the response.

How long will it take for the F2A to be approved once filed?

And Is there any other way I can travel to India if his I485 is approved? As I understand from what I read, once his I485 is approved my H4 will be deactivated

Processing time depends on the USCIS service center your I-130 petition is filed. Average time could be from 8 to 15 months. Once approved your case will move to US consulate in India for consular processing which can take few months.
Note that the pandemic has created huge backlog and so delays are really bad at this point in time.

I believe you are asking how you can travel to the US once you lose your H4 and still in India. You can apply for B2 visa ( bit difficult to get if your I-130 is pending but possible) and travel to the US.