How is pending H 4 extension ( i-94 expired )impacted with H1 Change in Employer?

We applied for H 4 extension timely manner 8 months ago in August 2020 and its taking long time to be approved due to pandemic situation. The I-94 for my dependent has expired in October 2020. Now, I got a new offer from another Employer. So, below are my questions.

  1. What is the impact on my pending H4 extension if I transfer my H 1 to the new employer ?
  2. Can the existing H 4 application be amended or adjudicated by providing new h1b approval notice ?
  3. Can a new H4 extension be applied along with my H 1 B transfer though I 94 expired for my dependent ?

You can apply H4 extension again with H1B transfer. No issues.

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