How long it takes if status changed to “Fingerprint Review was Completed”?

Hi Anil,

My status of I-539 has changed from “Case was Received” to “Fingerprint Review was Completed”.

Any Idea how long it takes from this status to Case Approved?

M I getting any closer ?

Thanks & Regards

Hi @upapar

This status change does not mean anything.
But, in last couple of days, i have seen people getting approval within a week of this status change.

But, this could also mean that you just gave your fingerprints.

Ohhh Really!!!

I wish I get mine within a week.

Thank you so much

Hey Anil,

I got my H4 extension along with EAD.Thanku for answering all the questions.

EAD card is yet to come. Any idea how long it takes.

And for SSN do we have to apply separately?

thanks & Regards