How long it takes to get Physical I-797 Copy?


How long did it take to get physical copy of I-797 after H1B approval. Mine is California Center and Case got approved on 03Dec2021. I need to travel to Mexico for my spouse’s I 94 renewal.

Hi @patelronu21,

I have a similar situation where my online case status is showing h1b was approved on 02 Dec 2021 but still didn’t receive the approval I-797 hard copy yet.

Service Center: Texas

Please let me know when did you receive the approval copy.


Hello ,

Did you receive your approval copy yet ? I have a case where it was approved on 30th November, Texas center and yet to receive it

I got the copy on 18thDec2021

@Robert_John I received the approval copy on Jan 5, 2022. If you don’t receive the approval notice, you can ask your employer/attorney to raise a service request.