How much maximum spouse points can be claimed?

Hi Anil,

As per the updated spouse points, one can claim 10 spouse points in 190 or 491 if

Age <45
Competent English
Occupation on Same skill list (both on STSOL or MSTSSL)

Is my understanding correct?

Coz in the calculator on your website, it shows a maximum of 5 points.


Hi @santoshs

The calculator is under development to change the spouse points after Nov changes. It will be updated soon. Its taking time as the volunteer developer was busy.

The maximum spouse points are given here on the points page.

Sure. Understand. Thanks for that. I checked the page, so inorder to claim 10 spouse points under the new rule, do we need competent English+ positive skill assessment OR competent English + positive assessment with job in the same list?

Kindly advise. Thanks

You need Competent English + positive skill assessment in same occupation list to claim 10 points got spouse.

Great. Thanks a lot for your time

For claiming spouse points is it necessary to submit experience letter from employer or need to update resume and pay slips along with english test result??

Hi @nfnasrin87

For claiming spouse points, you do need spouse education and work assessment along with English test result.