How much skilled employment points would I claim?

I got my result from ACS with following details. Can any one please tell me how much employment point I am likely to get?

The following employment after 12 June 2009 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to ANZSCO Code 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer).

Dates: 03/05 - 04/08 - 3 year(s) 1 month(s)

Dates: 03/08 - 01/09 - 0 year(s) 10 month(s)

Dates: 05/09 - 02/11 - 1 year(s) 9 month(s)

Dates: 01/14 - 12/16 - 2 year(s) 10 month(s)

Dates: 01/17 - 03/18 - 1 year(s) 2 month(s)


I think it should count as 5 years and 8 months. So 10 points.

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Hi Anil,

Can you please guide me on my above employment points? I got this assessment in Jul-2020 and it used to show me 60 points in EOI system. But currently, in my EOI application with above experiences its showing showing me 55 points. Whereas last year it was showing me 60 points at this stage. Is that because of my experience has been ended at 03-2018 or I am submitting the application with one year old assessment? Please guide why system has detected my 5 points from experience?

Many Thanks

You must have not kept the current employment’s end date. That’s one reason i can think of.

Maybe you lost 5 points for your age this year. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Actually, I got my ACS result in Jul-2019 and my experience was ended till Mar-2018 in ACS record since I lost my job at the time of assessment. My total exp after met date is 5 years 8 months but nowadays in EOI it is giving me only 5 points for experience whereas last year it used to give me 10 points. Please help me to understand this why EOI has deducted my points?

Maybe you made some mistake while entering the dates this time.