How much time it is taking at Indian embassy for passport renewal?

Hi, Do you know these days. How much time it is taking at embassy for passport renewal. It says as 1-3 weeks average processing time in status. But it looks like taking more time than this right?

If your last passport was issued in India, you can expect to get passport renewal in about 4-6 weeks.
If your last passport was issued by Indian Embassy in USA, you usually get the new one faster in about 1 week.

There is no official data shared by Indian embassy for passport renewal.

As of June 2020, Anil’s answer above is no longer accurate. My passport was previously issued in India and it took me a week and a half to get my passport renewed in USA.

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Was it applied under regular or tatkal? I am looking to renew my minor child’s passport about to expire in a month but not sure if I have to go with Regular/Tatkal

My passport renewal application was acknowledged by NY center on June 30th. The status changed to ‘Under Process’ at Embassy/Consulate on July 3rd and has been in the same status for past 25 days now. I am not changing my address or name. I did opt for change of appearance and signature just to be on safer side as my current photo does not match with the old one. Does it usually take this long?

Also I had opted for text and email notification and I have not received any notifications so far for any of the previous steps. I just keep checking the status online everyday. Is this common to not receive any notifications at all?

I tried contacting CKGS but did not receive any response.

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

@Divya_A I am in same boat as you, when did your application get approved?

My passport renewal application was acknowledged by San Francisco center on September 24th. And it has been stuck at ‘Under Process’ at Embassy/Consulate’ since September 29th.

Yeah same here, since Sep 29. Was your previous passport stamped in India?