How to crack pte with 79 +

PTE - 79+ Anyone Who cleared can help me

Hey there!

What do you need help with? There is plenty of “free materials” on the internet that you can use and practice. I got 79+ in my first attempt after practicing for around 20 (continuous) days and relied on all the materials which internet has to give. There are many Mobile apps also which you can download for free and practice on the go (I used to do that when travelling to & from work).
To be honest, PTE is the most stupid exam I have ever given, people use so many hacks/tricks to fool the software and why not if you are aiming for that 79+ and not to test your English language skills.

I would suggest that you look into the format first, familiarize yourself and start practicing on a daily basis. If you need more help, go get some online crash courses which will cost you a bit but will guide/help you.

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Can , you Please help me to know tips and tricks as need to get 79+ in next 1 month

Sorry, I don’t know the tips and tricks.

Hi Kiran,

I cleared my exam two days ago. I do have tips to share. They were basically shared by somebody I met on another forum. I can forward that email to you if you share your email ID.

It will be a great help, my Email Id is


Could you please share to me. It will be a great help to me. Email Id:

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Hi SMAS, could you please share, my email address is, Thank you


Please share tips. My email id:

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Thank you SMAS for your reply.

Hi @SMAS , could you please share it with me at

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@SMAS Could you send it to me as well please. Id-

It will be a great help, my Email Id is

Hi @SMAS ,

Could you please share to me as well. My mail id is

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I would request you to kindly help and share the tips and tricks on my email - Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

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@SMAS Can you please forward that email to