How to edit CKGS application if made a mistake?

Hi, I have to get name changed in my passport & by mistake for applicants name Ive typed my previous name& surname instead of the new name. Since I have paid the money I did not want to cancel it, Is there any way I can change the name of the form?

There is no way to edit the application. You have to cancel and re-do it.
Or you can ask CKGS if they can help but I doubt.

@Anonymous_Am22tech would like to know how did resolved this? hope at that time CKGS call center number was in function and they might have helped you?

Cancel the CKGS application. They will process the refund and you can create a new application.

@Anil.Gupta what happens with MO if we never sent the physical documents to them? can we go ahead and cancel the MO at USPS?

I don’t know what MO is?

@Anil.Gupta It is Money order anyways I have already cancelled.