How to extend my US born son's entry visa in India?

Hello all,any idea on how to extend my US born son’s entry visa in India?

We are stuck in India and his visa would expire in May.
I am not sure we would be able to fly by that time.

Thank you.

Through FRRO website you can simply extend visa or convert visa, no need to visit FRRO office, it will be updated online and will be sent to ur mailing address.

Got it.Thank you so much.

I just called the frro office…they are very cooperative due to the situation.

He said the same.

I did it few days back, do let me know if need any help.

Thank you buddy. How much time did it take?

Is it good to do it for 6 months or a year?(I want to do it for a year but not sure if there would be additional questions to justify the stay)

Unfortunately Police will come for verification, so it depends when they are free.

I extend it for 3 years, they didnot ask any questions since child is Indian origin.

once you get in…you will get a popup with the local number