How to find out if my medicals were submitted with I-485

Hello all,

This may be a REALLY stupid question so please bear with me. When my previous company was filing for I-485 last year October 2020 along with the EB3 downgrade, I was asked by the law firm to send them a copy of a USCIS approved doctors report. I got my blood labs done, got tested, obtained a sealed envelope with the reports (negative) inside and mailed them to the attorneys. Does this mean they filed my I-485 with the medicals (I-693)? How can I confirm this? I don’t see any mention of I-693 in the bundle they sent over for my review.

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You should check with your lawyer first. If it was requested, I would think that they should have submitted. Otherwise you will receive RFE for submitting the I-693 and your case status for I-485 will show that USCIS sent you RFE.

Is there a way to check it using the receip number or via Emma?

You may open a case via Emma and talk to a live agent however I am not sure if they will be able to give you that level of detail.


Hi @anil_am22 any recommendations here?

Did you check with USCIS?

I checked with my lawyer and they said that they did submit the 693 along with the 485.

Ok so you are all set! You good now?

Yes. Just waiting for my EB3 PD 2/2014 to become current.