How to get another ACS assessment for Software Engineer - 261313 when already assessed under Software Tester - 261314

Hi All,

Recently I got a positive assessment from ACS forSoftware Tester - 261314.
I have 491 - 85 offshore points and 190 - 75 offshore points.
However, since there are very less chance for getting an eoi for 261314 (given that, its not even in 189 job list), I would like to get assessed under Software Engineer - 261313

My problem is this.

  • In my job role I do manual testing as well as automation
  • However, when providing reference letters for software tester, I only mentioned manual testing responsibilities.

If I am todo a second assessment for 261314 what should I do?

  1. I can get reference letters from companies including my automation experience.
    Is that fine?

  2. Should I include both my manual and automation experience in new letter?

For those who had done a second assessment, can you all guide me on how to change and submit new reference letters, since I had already submitted and got an assessment recently?

  1. Third and last - Is it fine to stick into Software Tester and wait?
    Will there be any chance?

Any help is appreciated
Thank you :pray:

You can apply for new assessment with updated reference letters.

Thank you.
Will that be a problem, if I include Automation exp in reference letters? Will it make any suspicion? just in case.
The letters can be obtained from HR departments.