How to get L2 to H4 consulate stamping appointment in India/Canada

Hi, I am on L2 Visa and working in US with L2 EAD. My spouse recently received i140 approval and is planning to shift to H1B through COS.

What is the best option for me to avoid or reduce gap in my job?

This is the best i have got so far - My spouse should file for H1B COS, H4 COS & H4 EAD concurrently. Post H1B approval (premium - 15 days), to speed up the process of H4 approval, i will travel to Canada or India to get H4 stamping done and then apply for H4 EAD through USCIS.

If i go with this approach,

  1. Can i get Visa appointment for H4 stamping in Canada/India before my spouse’s H1B COS is filed?
  2. Is consulate allowing Visa appointment for H4 stamping given COVID restrictions and emergency appointment only?
  3. Getting appointment in Mexico is quicker, is that an option for L2 to H4 stamping?

You need copy of H1B approval notice for your spouse as one of the required documents for H4 visa stamping.
You will need to check the appointment availability at the consulate you want to visit for visa stamping.

Yes, however you will need NIE approval to travel back if the presidential proclamation is still in effect at the time you travel back.

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@anil_am22 Any suggestion on my query will be appreciated. Please help

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi has already given the best possible advice for your situation.

You can book the appointment online for H4 even before the H1B is approved. That’s fine.

Travel rules are changing every week. It is difficult to guess what will be the situation when you actually travel.

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@anil_am22 My husband’s H1 is already approved but he is currently in L1 planning to move to H1 via COS. Do you mean I can take the h4 visa appointment even before he files for L2 to H1 COS?

Taking an appointment is not an issue as they don’t validate anything until you reach the interview stage.

At that time, your husband should have a valid i94 that shows H1B status.

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