How to get Medicines for Parents in US during Coronavirus

@⁨Anil Gupta⁩ — Here in USA lot of parents and in laws are struggling for medicines due to current situation.

is there any article/suggestion from your side how to relief the medicines ?

I have not written anything about medicine but one way is to see a doctor and then get prescription.

Some people order it from India and get it mailed with Indian doctor’s prescription too.

Thank you !! But for some parents will not have insurance right so they can see the doctor?

Offcourse, you will pay the full amount then. Find a desi doctor and tell them you don’t have insurance.

They will reduce their normal fees and charge normal rate.

Normally, when you have insurance, their rate is almost double of their real rate just to extract more money from insurance.

You can also visit retail clinic in Target, walmart, CVS or walgreens. Their normal rate is about $60-120 without insurance.

There are some community service medical places where they treat for free to people who don’t have insurance. You have to find those places but they do offer free services.

Yes, i have heard some Gurudwara, temples and Mosques organize free medical check up camps. But, i am not sure if they will write prescription or not.

You can take insurance and get it approved right away. For example like Atlas America Insurance.
It covers pre-existing conditions.

Yes this works really. We have tried it.

Try it will show you price and the store. You need to print the coupon.

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