How to maintain Australia PR while working in USA on H1B?

Hi Anil,

I am currently in US on H1B visa and am still eligible to work for another 4 yrs on H1B . I do have Australia 190 PR and have to show some stay (not sure of the exact duration) in Australia before September 6th 2022 in order to get the Return Resident Visa without any issue.

I am in a dilemma as to whether making a move to Australia now is a right thing to do now or to continue in US for some more time.(barring the covid travel exceptions)

Please advise on this. Also, my Australia 190 PR is for NSW and I was told (in 2017 when I got the grant) that I need to work in NSW for the first 2 years before moving to other states or to New Zealand. Does this still hold good now or has there been a change? I got my PR activated in 2017 in Sydney but my stay then was only 7 days.


You have to live and work in Australia to maintain your PR past 5 years. Living and working for at least 2 years is required to be eligible for resident return visa as per the rules.

You can also just go to Australia on or before your 5 year completion and then keep staying there.

You have to abide by NSW’s 2 year restriction too.