How to mention 15 months of sabbatical to ACS


I am a newbie and joined it since I found your suggestions very insightful!

My query is regarding a 15 months sabbatical I had taken on account of personal medical circumstances.
I was employed with the company for 10 years, of which 15 months is the sabbatical.

Where and how should I mention this break, preferably on the resume?

Also, as I am upfront declaring the sabbatical and understand that it won’t be assessed, I believe I don’t need to present any supporting documents for the same?

Much Thanks!

You can write it in the Employment verification letter.

Thanks, Anil!

My employment reference letter just indicates roles held, dates for each role and job duties… Since I was actually employed with the company during the sabbatical, that is not indicated separately.

In that case, what are the possible options for me… ? Update on my resume and also while filling the ACS application split the overall 10 years of employment dates to take out the sabbatical period? Will this cause any issue?

Many thanks!

You can choose to not declare this sabbatical then if its not mentioned anywhere on the official Employment letter.