How to search for a job after landing to Australia?

one more concern is there, how to search for a job after landing to Australia?

Hi @anamika

It is an interesting question as to how to search for jobs.

The most popular job search website in Australia is

My suggestion is apply online and start talking to your friends in Australia. Australia works on referral a lot and your chances of getting a job are tripled if you know someone and they can forward your resume in their company.

I am working on writing detailed steps on what all to do once you land in Australia and will write about job search soon.

  1. You can drive in Australia using International License from home country.
  2. Cheap and Best NBN Internet Network in Australia for New Comers.
  3. You can work in New Zealand with Australia PR.
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Ohh is it …thanks a ton.

One more querry, for ITR Doc there must be a separate pdf file ?
right now I have these pdfs:

  1. degree and mark sheets
  2. M.E degree and mark sheets
  3. 1st company experience letter
  4. 2nd company experience letter
  5. Passport
  6. Resume
  7. Bank Statement 1st company
  8. Bank Statement 2nd company
    if I create separate pdf for ITR then it will become 9 pdfs, and only 8 are allowed per assessment fees.

Do I need to highlight the the salary credit for each month for better readability?