How to send DU transcript to WES Canada from USA?

Hi Anil, I am applying for Canada Express Entry from USA. I have to submit Delhi University transcripts to WES but I am not physically present in India to complete this process. Is there anyway I can achieve this from USA itself? Thank you.

You can ask your family member of friend to mail it for you from Delhi.

Hi Anil, I had requested DU transcript and received 2 days back only. Regards to WES changes do i need to apply again with USD fee (Transcript + Degree) or i can simply send my documents with WES application no. through DU PO ? Please suggest . Thanks.

The only thing you can do now is to send them to WES from post office inside DU campus.
WES has clearly said that they may reject the transcripts that are sent by you or any friend, if they can find it.

You can give it a try. If not, then apply again and give the mailing address as WES address if these are rejected by WES.

I think both amount to same thing? DU sending from their post office on own (and charging USD 100) OR we collecting sealed envelopes and sending from the PO inside DU (would cost much less) … Am I correct?