How to send the missed documents to VFX

I have a couple of Questions about Passport renewal.

  1. As per your Blob under self-attested and Notary. Annexure D is not mentioned, is Manadotory to do Notarize Annexure D. because I sent on Plan paper without Notary.
    If yes, PLease update the same.

  2. How to send the missed documents to VFX. I mean what are the process and procedure to send.

Annexure D is for minors right? If that’s the case, then you have to notarize it and it’s mentioned clearly in checklist.

I am guessing VFS will contact you for sending the missed document. I don’t think, they will simply reject or not not you give an opportunity to send the required documents.

Hi Neeraj,

They have responded as below to send the documents. But did not sent any procedure to follow.

May I know any procedure to follow to send the missed documents.

We are awaiting the following documents


Sorry @Praveen_Kumar7 I am not aware of the procedure.
You did not answer my question … Is that for a minor ?


Yes, they need to be always sent by courier and include the email printout in the package. I talked to the customer service and paid to understand the procedure, so can save you the effort. They never accept email documents, even if its just a copy of something they need. Same address you sent to earlier, i used my own courier service and include the printout of the acknowledgement email for reference,

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Yes, this application is for minor

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Thanks for the update.

hi Mpullam,

After submitting the required documents. How many it will take to proceed further and receive the passport to home address.

As today I have received a mail from VFS, the review is completed and in transit to Embassy.


Well- I am still waiting for that status update after sending my docs which reached them on Dec 7. After how many days did you receive your acknowledgement?

Balow are the notifications I got from VFS

  • Dec 4th : We are awaiting the following documents
  • On DEC 8th : Summited the Missing documents.
  • On Dec 12th : We have ‘Received’ your Application and your Application is now ‘Under Process’ at ICAC in Consulate General of India.
  • On Dec 16th : Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the ICAC and ‘In Transit’ to the Embassy for decision making.

Sorry for asking again, which VFS center did you apply at? Your timeline seems pretty reliable.

I have applied for SFO Center