How to separate dropbox visa appointments for H-1B and spouse on H4 - current scheduled together

Hello - I am currently in the US. My dropbox visa appointment is scheduled in May 2023 for my spouse (H4) and I (H-1B), on the same date. However, I now need to travel internationally (to Europe) in March on an urgent basis, which means I also need to get my visa stamped prior to re-entering US. Spouse can’t travel with me in March. Is it possible to reschedule only the H-1B appointment to March and keep the H4 appointment on the original date in May? What are my options here?

Thanks for your help in advance.

I don’t think you can split it without canceling the current appointment.

Basically, you will have to cancel and then book two separate appointments as far as I know.

Got it, thanks. A follow up question - If I cancel the appointments, can I reuse the fees paid (MRV receipt) for scheduling separate appointments or will I need to make another payment?

Thank you.

You should be able to reuse the existing payment.

Very good to know. Thanks much!