How to submit digitally signed Form 16 for ACS

I have about 11 years of experience and as Payment evidence I dont have all the payslips.

So I have gathered bank statements for first and last month of each year and merged into a single pdf. Along with this I have Form 16 for all the years.

All the Form 16 are digitally signed and when I merge them together, the sign is shown in green as valid but its not verifiable anymore.

Can you please advise how do I go with this? Should I just put all the 11 ‘Form 16s’ in a zipped folder and submit so that they can validate the signature or is the merged single pdf enough?

Please advise.

Hi @Vinitha_Rajan

Normal scanning is required for all documents and ACS does not accept zip files.

You are fine as long as you can scan form 16 in color form.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the response.

All the form 16s I have, are soft copies which are digitally signed. So there is no need for scanning.

Can I upload all 11 Form 16 PDFs separately or should I merge them into one pdf file?

Has anyone on this forum submitted digitally signed Form 16 before?

What i meant by scanning is if you are having problems joining the form 16 PDFs, then you can print them first and then scan.

Total 8 documents are allowed by ACS, so, you need to attach financial proofs along with each job’s role and responsibilities letter in a PDF.