HR1044, S386 News - Questions & Answers

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On other note (Lot of ‘IF’ questions and Answers) - If the bill passes:

Your PD date gets current, you will need to file i485 (if you are physically in the US).

Here is the i485 document checklist - see if you have all the documents ready.

MERIT Based Green Card EO

President Trump may sign an executive order that aims to introduce merit-based immigration. If this happens, then it will definitely benefit all H1B and L visa holders from India and China.

Unverified information:

  1. May give i140 EADs.
  2. May make all ‘Date of filing’ current.

S386 is the long term solution along with merit-based immigration reform.
Chances look low for both though.

Immigration voice reported on July 21 morning that Durbin will attempt S386 voting today as the pressure on him is increasing due to continuous rallies by Indian groups.

  1. The chances are high that July 21, 2020, UC voting attempt by Durbin (if he attempts) will be blocked by some other senator. IV expects this to happen and hence is expecting that Durbin might be forced to return to negotiation table again.

  2. The last year’s deal between Lee and Durbin does not hold good at this time and there have been several changes that have been made (not available publicly).

  3. The new hold by some other senator will only help Durbin move the focus from him to another Senator!

Do not have high hopes from today’s voting.

I will update here as the LIVE session goes on.

This question may have been answered several times, so I apologize if it is a repeat. If Lee says, they can pass bill if Durbin agrees, right now… all it ever needs is 60% right… Not 100%. Why not just go for vote? What is stopping Lee?

The only main problem i see with that is we will never get around fixing the backlog issue which is the main problem.

If the H4 age out is taken as a separate bill then we are trying to fix one of the major pain points of the backlog which Senate and America may relate to in regards to empathy.

Once u take that out, nobody is going to care about backlog anymore on its own.

I don’t think they can remove country limitations without adding other controls in place like a point system.

The country limit is precisely for ensuring no one or two countries take away all the green card spots in detriment of other countries.

Would any of you remove the country limit if you were in charge of this policy?

It’s naive to assume such bills will pass without additional controls in place.

I would rather have small bills that can allow h4 spouses to continue working, allow EAD for approved I-140s, and allow a path for h4 kids over 21 to get into work or study visas.

Those are highly beneficial in our decade long green card journey than a single swoop improbable bill like s386.

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Do nothing Democrats up to the same old tricks. Present an impossible bill and then act like they want to get it passed knowing full well that it’s not going to.