Husband and wife holding TSS Visa - Process Dependent Visa

Hi Anil,

Myself and my wife both of us holding TSS visa and mine will expire on July’21 and her’s probably little bit earlier and both of us are in Australia right now.
The questions is, is it possible to process dependent visa for her from my end ? If I do so,does she need to really go back to native country and come back again ?
Is there a way that we can make her to switch to my place in Australia,when the dependent visa is being applied ?

Any references or advise would be very much helpful for me.

Appreciate your help on this.


I think you can convert the visa within Australia without travelling outside.

Ho @Anil.Gupta,

Just to give an update to wider audience.
It’s been confirmed that she doesn’t have to go back to India and if she had quit her job, within two months I have to process the dependent visa for her.


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