I-140 case was sent to the National Visa Center

Hello Friends, If anyone have solution for how to get copy of I1-40 if case was sent to Department of State.

I have already did FOIA and received response “The requested records have been forwarded to the National Visa Center and now fall under their purview.”

Please help me to get I-140 copy. PLEASE PLEASE

@DP26 did you find any ways to get a copy of I140.?
me too got the same response from FOIA. :frowning:

Hi - No i didn’t found anything. Can we connect somehow by phone or chat? I want also find solution on this.

If you know anyone then let me know?

H1B extension document with 140 application does have the Alien Number on it…

No - I have received H1B extension after I140 approved but not A-number on that H1B copy…