I-140 EB3 Premium processing With Perm Email approval

Hi @anil_am22, My I-140 was approved on september 10, 2020 in EB2 with priority date 03/24/2014. My employer is ready to downgrade to EB3 to take advantage of the filing date movement. Since my perm got approved in August and is not expired yet, is it possible to go for EB3 i-140 in premium? Going by your post PERM Approvals by Email Instead of Paper (DOL Changes Policy) - USA, is this possible,now that hard copy of the approval is no longer required?

How is your PD date in 2014? I don’t understand your situation completely.

PERM email approval should be acceptable.

sorry, i had EB2 with my previous employer with 2014 PD. My current employer did the PERM and i-140 got approved in EB2 in September (missed the bulletin by 2 weeks).