I-140 petition filing with new employer and travel to india

I have an approved I140 with employer A;
changed employer A to employer B after 4 yrs;
h1b approved with employer B ;
I-140 not filed yet by employer B
Q1: Would it be a problem for me to travel to india?
Q2: Been with employer B for 2 months and they have agreed to start the I -140 process but have not started it yet.
How long do I wait for the employer to start the process?
Q3: Is there a time frame after which it becomes a problem for me?

Please help clarify this for me
Thank you


That is up to you to decide :slight_smile: Ideally should have employer file I140 asap.

There is no time frame as such as you already have approved I140 however it depends on your PD and whether it has chances of becoming current in near future. If yes, then you would not want to wait for long to have your employer file I140.

Thank you for your response.