I-140 Reinstate or Amendments for filing I-485

Experts, my PD is 02/07/2012 and planning to go back to my previous employer but he withdraw my I-140 in June 2017. He claims if you come back, we need to do I-140 amedments/reinstate and once activated, which may take few months then we can file I-485. And also he is mentioning, we can’t file parallel since I-140 is withdrawal. And if RFE comes in I-140, we can justify the answer because you eft in 2015 and we can’t support all tax report to fill the gap from 2015 to 2021.

I just don’t understand what’s going on to do this. Any help please

Talk to an attorney and explain your situation in detail.

Its difficult to suggest anything with limited information that you have shared here.