I-140 RFE - premium - how many days it takes to get RFE letter

Hi Anil,

I have a question regarding the number of days for RFE details via mail to be received for I-140 in premium.

Is it email or mail for RFE details for I-140 premium?

I am on the 6th year of h1b and its ending on sep 09/28. With vacations taken can add up to oct 31st 2019. Also please let me know the usual rfe for I-140

On the top of that I got rfe for h1b transfer after the audit which is in normal processing.
Should I change this h1b to premium as well as I am running out of time. Pls suggest

Hi @techcrat

RFE letter can take anywhere between 7-21 days to arrive by USPS mail.

It is your choice to change H1B transfer to premium. I suggest to upgrade to premium.

My i-140 is in premium already. So how many days to recieve the RFE via mail

This rfe is for i140 which is in premium . I would like to know how many days it takes for rfe details to come via mail for premium i140 cases

Hi @techcrat

Premium and non-premium take same amount of time to get mail delivery.

It’s been 15 days now that I am waiting to know the rfe details of i140 premium .doesnt attorney receive email for the rfe details prior to mail ?