I-140 withdrawal and Status is Name Was Updated , Question is multiple ex

Hi Anil ,

This is about my Approved I-140, My previous employer sent an email to USCIS saying that i’m no longer working with them, After that the status was changed from Approved to Name Was Updated.

Please look at the History on the below attached screen shot and can you help me understand that ,
Am i eligible for multiple extensions ?
Can i carry forward the PD when i file new i140 with new employer.

Since my GC priority date is July 18 2019, With the recent GC movements , what are the chances of getting current for my PD.
Can i change employer with this existing I140?
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I will take the liberty to reply on behalf of Anil here :slight_smile: The ‘Name was updated’ is just a USCIS case update that shows up with this status. It means they may have put a note that you don’t work with this employer any more. So nothing to worry about this update.
As your I-140 was approved and your employer didn’t withdraw, you are eligible for AC21 extensions beyond the 6 years period of H1B.

Yes, absolutely!

Based on predictions, at least I don’t expect 2019 to be current any time soon for EB2 or EB3.

Yes you can but your new employer will have to restart your GC process however you can port your priority date and keep your place in the line.

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