I-484 Questions for Primary and Spouse

Greetings All,

I hope someone can point in right direction as I see some conflicting answers. Need to send the docs to our attorney soon to file AOS so any help is appreciated.

Scenario : Filing under EB3 for AOS. My spouse had H4 EAD earlier but it is expired and she is not working currently.

Question1: While submitting forms for my wife, do I add Alien number which was assigned to her during H4 EAD process or leave it blank ?

Question 2 : My I-94 form in recent I-797 (visa extension) is spelled incorrectly. Due to more length they omitted last character and a character in one of the middle names. In Form I-484, part 1 25.B it says to fill the name exactly as in I-94. Except this new I-94, in all my documents I have the correct name spelled even in old I-797’s and also during my CBP generated I-94 during my last arrival.

Any advise on how to fill this information. Do I fill per my records and ignore the minor spelling mistake ?

Question 3 : Part3: Recent address outside US --> I am staying in US for 10 years visiting family in India occasioanlly. For this question do I need to fill India address with starting dates from birth to date I moved to US ?

Question 4: If you don’t have middlename, do we leave it blank or write “n/a” ?

Also, if anyone has a list of documents needed for spouse, would appreciate if you can share as I can reference for cross verifying.

Thanks in advance.


i am also applying for i 485, pls read my post to know the doc list.

Check this post for my details


for Q1 – >Add the Alien Number even its expired
Q2- dont know
Q3-Yes provide last address and enter the date from Birthday to departure to US date
Q4-- > Leave it blank , some case system may use"N/A" as middle name