I-485 & EAD for me. For dependants I will file only 485. No travel doc at all. Will it work?


I am working on H1 and soon be applying I-485. My wife is a home-maker and not going to work for next 2-3 years. Since the fee is going to change for 485 filing i.e. as of October 2nd 2020:

I-485: $1,130
I-765: $550
I-131: $590

Here, I want to give some information here: My US citizen sister filed my mother’s immigration petition. We filed I-130, I-485, I-864 & I-864A and my mom’s case got rejected from USCIS, saying improperly filed. Then I hired attorney, and he filed exactly same documents alongwith I-131 & I-765 and the case is accepted now and receipt is generated as well. So it seems that her case got rejected coz we haven’t filed travel doc and EAD application.

My question is, can I file I-485 like below, so I can save some dollars:
Mine: (I-485 & I-765 i.e. AOS with work permit but no travel document)
Wife & Children: (I-485 only)

Muhammad Imran

It does not matter who files the case as long as all the forms are filled correctly and with all supporting documents.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta
You are doing a great job.

Muhammad Imran

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