I-485 Point 23.c (Status on Form I-94)

Hi @anil_am22

My spouse entered US in 2018 as L-2, and her current status is H1b (COS) valid till 2023 (new I-94 attached in approval notice).
We are filling I-485 and are confused about 23.c on page-2 of I-485.
Point 22.a, we filled as “L-2” i.e. When I arrived in US, admitted as.

Point 23.a → Number is same on the admitted 2018 I-94 and the one we got in H1-b approval notice.
23.b → I am assuming it has to be the latest 2023 expiry date.
23.c → This should be H1-B or L-2?

Confused, since point 24, asks for the current status which is H1-B.


The i94 number should be the most recent i94.