I-751 - Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

Hello Friends,

I have a situation and not sure how to move ahead with it.

  1. I was married got my Green card
  2. After 2 years of conditions me and my Ex filed for I-751(Jointly) to remove my conditions and during the process we got divorced.
  3. I filed I-751 ( Basis of Good faith marriage)
  4. My 1st I-751 was approved and i was issues a green card .
  5. I contacted my lawyer and told him that 2nd I-751 petition is still in process and requested him to withdraw, but my lawyer informed that USCIS will automatically drop the 2nd I-751 as i have been issues a green card.
  6. This month i received a letter to appear for an interview on my 2nd I-751 to remove conditions - I contacted my lawyer and he was surprised too see USCIS still was working on that case.
  7. Now we have send a Affidavit to USCIS providing my 1st I-751 (GC Approved) & 2nd I-751 ( Interview), requesting to withdraw the 2nd I-751.

My question now is " what would USCIS do now"? I am worried and same way having sleepless nights thinking about the hoops i mights have to go again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @sam4u.just

As per my information, USCIS can drop the 2nd application. There should be no need to worry if there was no marriage fraud involved.

Thanks Anil,

Have you come across any such case as i have described and got a decision from USCIS.