I-765 application eligibility category, I-485, EB1A- I-140 approved

Hi all forum users,
I’m from India and currently on H1-B visa. Recently my Eb1A, I-140 was approved. PD is current. Since 2008 to present I have maintained my visa status.
Currently preparing paperwork for I-485, I-765 and I-131 by myself.
Have few questions about some section in forms.
1] For I-765 form, Could anyone please assist me to figure out correct Eligibility category for myself (principal applicant) and dependent.

2] For I-485 form,
a] are you applying for adjustment based on the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 245(i)? I think it should be “No”, but want to confirm from expert.
b] receipt number for underlying petition? Do i have to use receipt number from my current H1B, I-797 or from Eb1A, I-140 approval notice? please advise.
c] Part 3 Have you ever applied for an immigrant visa to obtain permanent resident at a US Embassy or US Consulate abroad? I have approved EB2-Perm I-140 through my employer, does this count as applied for immigrant visa?

I would appreciate if you guys can shed some light on my query for clarification.
Looking forward to your answers.
Thank you very much in advance.


Frankly speaking you should hire a good immigration attorney instead of taking risk of filling out the forms yourself and committing a mistake which can result in RFE or rejection.

Also next time you ask such questions you should include the page #, part # and item # so it is easy for someone to look up the forms and respond.

Only file I765 & I131 if you plan on changing your job or spouse/child wanting to work and you want to travel out side the US, otherwise no need to spend extra $$ as your date is current and you may receive the GC in few months.

Should be C9 ( AOS/485 EAD)


Answer ‘No’

Use I140 receipt.

Answer ‘NO’

Thank you very much Kalpesh. Appreciate your response and suggestion.
Next time when any when i place any post, will provide all info as you suggested.

Thanks again.