I-824 - H1 Approval Duplicate Copy

Hi Anil,

I have a unique situation, can you please advise?

I have my H1 extension approved in October 2020, approval notice was never received. USCIS responded to service request mentioning approval notice was not returned to them and asked to raise separate case to duplicate approval copy (I-824). I-824 filed in January 2021, we yet to get approval notice.

Is there any option to expedite as premium option not available for I-824? Or Litigation will help?


Hi @Raj_H1

As per my opinion, waiting is the best option for your case.

You can file litigation too but it will easily cost around $5k. Also, the litigation will have to be filed by your employer as its an H1B application. Most employers will stay away from going to court.

@anil_am22 Thank you, Anil !! I really appreciate your quick response.

Hi @anil_am22

One follow up question, Is it possible to do H1 transfer without approval notice in my case? As I’m waiting for duplicate approval notice.

Thank you in advance !!

Note: H1 extension was approved till 2023 - This was confirmed by USCIS to attorney. Also, we received H4 approval till 2023.