I-90 form queries

I came to US on spouse visa. Category IR-1. Got Green Card for 10 years of validity. Now, I want to change my middle and last name. First step was through court here. We got court papers now that reflects my new name. Now we want to change my name on my green card. So, right now we are going through i-90 form. But confused about two question. Above in the photo shared.

I came to US through consular processing and my service center was Texas as my receipt number starts with “SRC”. My interview location was Mumbai, India. Got my visa through there.

May I know the answers of these above two questions.?


You have not mentioned which two questions you are talking about.

In the photo above mentioned…

The questions in i-90 form :

  1. Location where you applied your immigrant visa or adjustment of status:

  2. Location where your immigrant visa was issued or USCIS office where you were granted adjustment of status :

Note please: we went through consular processing. I entered US after my interview at Mumbai, India.

My husband applied through paper application.

So what will the answers to above questions?? My service center was Texas as my USCIS receipt number starts with “SRC”

Hope to hear soon from you.

It should be ‘US embassy Mumbai’ for both questions.

So even for the first question where it ask, where I applied?? It should be Mumbai too. Not Texas??