I-94 after H1 transfer query

My I-94 for last re-entry in United States is valid till 07/11/2022 as per the original H1B expiry date. However, after our last entry, the primary H1B holder switch jobs and the company applied for a visa transfer and during the transfer process our visa expiry date was also changed from 07/11/2022 to 11/03/2022 but my I94 online still reflects the July date. I-94 on my I-797 has same number as online I-94, but it in the Keep for personal records next to I-94 it shows as valid until 11/03/2022. Is there anything I need to do to get my I94 corrected online or it should be fine.

Also given the above scenario will I be applicable for 180 days automatic h4 EAD extension if my EAD application is pending

No action needed from your end. The admit until date on the online I94 will be automatically superseded by the new I94 attached to the I797 approval notice.

Yes as far as your H4 I94 is valid you get EAD auto-extension for 180 days.

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