I-94 expired. H4 extension approved



I have my old I-94 which I downloaded from cbp site…it has my old expiration date as June 2018. But my new extension is approved till 2022…
Which I94 should I send as proof for my EAD application. My i797 has an attachment at the bottom with the current expiration date, so it is okay to send only the i797 form or do I need to send the old I-94 also…please clarify

This is your I-94 record as of the last entry to the US.

You will need to include your I-94 entry record as it will need to be provided under page 3, Part 2, item 21a. You will also need to include copy of your current I-797 (with I-94) as you will be providing information on your current status under the page 3, Part 2, item 25.

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