I-94 renewal at US-Mexico border with approved I-797B (having valid existing H-1B visa stamp and I-94)


I have some questions regarding I-94 renewal at US-Mexico border.

My current H-1b visa stamp is valid till sept 20, 2021 and my I-94 expires on sept 30, 2021.

I have an approved I-797B for the same employer (consular processing) till 2024.

I read across various sources and got to know that I can travel to Mexico and use my existing valid h1b visa stamp to re-enter US from Mexico, and I can get my I-94 renewed as per the end date on my approved I-797B.

I have the following questions:

  1. Would it be legal to work in the US with updated I-94 (received based on my approved I797B) ?

  2. Has anyone recently gone through a similar process and got their I-94 renewed at US- Mexico border based on I-797B approval notice?
    If yes, please share your experience.

  3. If travelling to Mexico for getting I-94 updated, what is the most recommended travel - air travel or travel via land border?

  4. What are the recommended US-Mexico borders for the purpose of I-94 renewal?

@anil_am22 I would appreciate your advice on this situation.

I would appreciate any suggestions and shared similar experiences. Thanks.