I140 Approved -Change employer in India and return back to USA- Priority Date

Dear Sir,

My Case-
During Trump era, my h1b denied after coninuous H1b approval of 14 years. I returned back to India in 2019 with the same company and my I140 approved in April 2015. I also did my MS Computer Science in the USA. Now i would like to change company in India, as i felt exploited by the current company as they know I want to return back to the USA.
Question -
I would like to know if i change the company in the India and retruned back to the USA with the new company later some point of time, can i port in the existing priority date or not?
Will i be still CAP exempt for H1b Transfer for the new employer?

I will appreciate for prompt answer.

Thanks & Regards,
Devendra Sharam

Found similar question and answer. Thanks Anil for all the soltuion of the question.

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