I140 Approved, currently in India, Can I change my employer?

I have my I140 approved when I was in India. I wanted to know while I am in India if I change my employer can the new employer file my H1B? Do i need to go through fresh lottery system or it will be a cap exempt extn/transfer since I have I140 approved?

Thanks in advance.

You can file a cap exempt H1B transfer from India using approved i140. No issues.

Thanks Ani for quick response. 1 more question
My amendment filed in July 2019( with end date as Dec 2019 which was my maxout) got an RFE recently and currently i am in India as my maxout was reached. Now my employer has filed cap exempt Extension in premium after I140 approval and also replying to the RFE. If the extension is approved now and if later i get rejection on the amendment , can i still continue in US based on approved extension?

You can continue in US based on extension approval. The scenario may be different based on the approval period though.