I140 Approved, left USA just before one month of completing 6 years

Hi Experts,

My 6 years were about to get completed in 10th Nov 2020, PERM was filed in August 2020. After some discussion with collogues, I left USA on 10th October 2020. Now while I am posting this message I have my I140 approved and I am in India.
What would be the suggested way, should I file first H1B extension for 1 month left to recapture the 6 years, once approved, move to USA and fine extension based on I140 ? or I can file extension based on I140 right now only.

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You can file H1B extension for 3 years with approved i140.

Thanks A lot Anil, this is awesome and appreciate the way you are helping so many people across the globe.

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